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About us

Hi – tech rubber is an enterprise dedicated to technical rubber products with specialization in Rubber gaskets for PHE’s (Plate heat exchangers) and butterfly valves. We had an expertise in high performance sealing technology. We had a goal for high quality in Technical rubber products and sealing technology which is very essential in technical industries.


Our Journey

We started in the early 1980s and in no time became a prominent brand name in Rubber Spare Parts manufacturing for heavy and light industries. Since then we have always strived for ‘Greater heights’.

Our Core Expertise

We offer a wide range of products and services for various makes and models of PHEs including rubber gaskets as well as complete reconditioning services.
At our All Brand Setup, we re-condition, re-gasket and also provide just spare gaskets for all brands of PHE makes like Alfa Laval, Vicarb, Tranter, APV, GEA, STAR, HISAKA JAPAN, FILTRON/DPING FISCHER and PRAJ/REHEAT/DOVER/SWEP etc.
In addition to these, we expertise in manufacturing any rubber gasket as per the clients’ specifications and requirements in different rubbers including Nitrile, Neoperene, EPDM, Silicone, Butyle, VAMAC, Hypalon and Viton rubbers.
We follow a unique method for removing the rubber gasket from its groove on the plate such that the plate is always safe and secure with zero chances of any damage. We ensure that the plate metal characteristics are not compromised during the process.

How We Work

Work Process

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Our rubber manufacturing company excels in designing customized rubber products, leveraging advanced technology and expertise to deliver superior quality and optimal performance for our clients.


Our rubber manufacturing company meticulously plans every aspect of the manufacturing process, ensuring efficient production, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery of high-quality rubber products to meet our clients' demands.


Development is a cornerstone of our rubber manufacturing company, as we continuously invest in research and innovation to improve our processes, enhance product performance, and stay ahead in the industry.


Our Clients

We serve a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food processing, construction, and many more. Our expertise in developing rubber components for diverse applications enables us to provide reliable solutions that meet the unique demands of each industry. Following are our clients.